Our social responsibility


Travel Service’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is the responsibility Travel Service takes with regard to the company’s impact on society from an economic, social, and environmental perspective. By this we mean the sustainability of Travel Service’s operations and the long-term perspective integrated into our business model. Travel Service has divided CSR into three aspects – economic, environmental, and social responsibility.

Travel Service CSR

Economic responsibility

Travel Service operates in a legally and ethically correct manner. We require our suppliers to do the same, and to operate based on the perspective of socio-economic responsibility. We work with ISO-certified suppliers who have the right working conditions, working times, and who conduct their work without undue risk or pressure.

Environmental responsibility

Travel Service operates in an environmentally sustainable way. We promote our employees’ and our customers’ awareness when choosing products and services. We provide environmental statistics and offer companies the opportunity to offset the environmental exploitation of the services provided. Travel Service work according to the world's most established frameworks for quality and environmental management systems – ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

Social responsibility

Travel Service’s social responsibility involves making sure that our employees are happy and that there is a healthy gender, age, ethnic, and religious balance in the workplace, and that no group is discriminated against in any way. Travel Service engages in various charitable organisations and social projects, as well as cultural and sports associations to ensure that their efforts can continue.